Virtual AGM Service

The Reach Virtual Investor Meeting Platform allows AGM’s, EGM’s and any other shareholder or investor roadshow experience to be moved online.

We provide the end to end solution, managing everything from the booking to hosting your virtual event – all you need to do is log in and give your best presentation.

Online Investor Briefings are incredibly effective, saving time whilst significantly reducing travel and hosting costs but resulting in much higher participation.

Reach Corporate have 15 years experience running online Investor briefings and have the leading technology solution to ensure the high standard experience for your board and shareholders.

Reach Corporate
Virtual AGM Service

  • 15 years experience running online investor & shareholder briefings
  • Purpose built Investor Briefing and AGM platform to ensure the highest standard of Audio/Video and usability
  • Advice and guidance on ASIC guidelines, and assistance to ensure that your virtual meeting provides all shareholders with a reasonable opportunity to partipate
  • Communications package to manage everything from communications, bookings, on the day virtual event management and support for shareholders and panelists

Key Service Features


Simple 2 step process from booking to logging in and attending

Real time voting

Run your resolution voting live with instant results and reporting that syncs back to your registry

Produced sessions

Professional production from a team that have been running online shareholder briefings for 15 years

Best in class webcasting technology platform

Purpose built for AGMs and Investor Briefing where sound and visual quality are essential

Event Support

Hands on management of the event on the day so presenters and team only need focus on delivering their presentation

Virtual or Hybrid

Move to 100% virtual events or continue with physical events in the future but continue to invite shareholders who are remote to attend online to maximize attendance.


We run our events to meet best practice and ASIC guidance. A report is delivered detailing the steps taken to meet the guidelines.

Synced with Registry

Simple process to send invitations, verify attendees and take and track live resolution voting

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